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How webirc works:

  1. The user opens a mibbit client and requests a connect to, e.g., irc.blah.com
  2. The Mibbit backend checks irc.blah.com for matches in mibbit's webirc database
  3. If found the backend sends the user's IP along with a password (chosen by the server admin) to irc.blah.com
  4. The server checks all requests from (webchat.mibbit.com) or (widget.mibbit.com) for the correct password and then converts ident to "Mibbit" and @*.mibbit.com to the user's host name (most networks obfuscate the host for non ircops). The network now allows an (almost) unlimited number of users from mibbit's IP

see also: howto enable Mibbit on your IRC server