Users on channel tabs (General)

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This preference is actually called #users on channel tabs, but cannot be displayed as that for technical reasons.

{{#set:Name=Users on channel tabs}}[[{{#ifexist: Preference:Users on channel tabs | Preference:Users on channel tabs | Preference:Users on channel tabs (General)}}|Users on channel tabs]]
Summary::Show number of users in channel tab.

Tab: Tab::General{{#set:Tab=General}}
Section: Other
Type: Checkbox
Default: Default::checked
Default Channel Tab.png

Shows the number of users in the channel to the right of the channel name. If you have Tabs on left set to true, and the total width of the tab cannot contain all the elements contained within it, the number of chatters will be hidden via overflow.{{#switch: mw |m={{#set:Client=Main}} |w={{#set:Client=Widget}} |mw={{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}} }}