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The userlist is the optional pane to the right of the main chat pane. It has an entire preferences page devoted to it.


  • /ulshow - Shows the userlist if hidden.
  • /ulhide - Hides the userlist is shown.


Groups Order

By default, the userlist displays two groups: Chatters/Idlers Closed. In the Userlist pane of preferences, the groups options has the following choices:

  • None: Display no group blocks, and just have a straight list.
  • Chatters/Idlers Closed: Default; Shows those who are chatting (see Sort Order) and hides those who are idle.
  • Chatters/Idlers: Shows both groups of chatters and idlers.
  • By Mode: Shows various mode groups: Owner, Admin, Op, Halfop, Voice, and Other.

Sort Order

By default, sorts by 'chatting,owner,admin,op,halfop,voice,active'. Can be changed in the pref Userlist->Sort Order. The various sort options are:

  • chatting: Have sent a message into the channel within a set amount of time. The default is 600 seconds (10 minutes) and can be set with the preference Userlist->Recent chat time (s).
  • owner: User has mode +q
  • admin: User has mode +a
  • op: User has mode +o
  • halfop: User has mode +h
  • voice: User has mode +v
  • active: User is not idle.

If two nicks have all of the same criteria, they sort alphabetically.

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