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  TimeVersion      /ctcp $nick VERSION | /ctcp $nick TIME
  TimeVersion      /ctcp $nick VERSION | /ctcp $nick TIME
  KickBanReason    /cs op # | /ban $nick | /kick $nick $?  
  KickBanReason    /cs op # | /ban $nick | /kick $nick $?  
Slap              /me slaps $nick with a large trout
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{{Uncategorized|date=December 2009}}

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Similar to an Alias you can add you own commands or text to the dropdown which opens when you click a user. Several items can be chained using the pipe symbol "<space> | <space>".

Availabe variables:

  • # (current channel)
  • $me (your own nick name)
  • $nick (name)
  • $user (ident)
  • $host (only availabe after a /whois or if the user joined after you)
  • $? (prompt for a value)
User Menus
Predefined in
Pref(erence)s -> User list
values action/comment
PM /query $nick
Whois /whois $nick
Defaults (built in) values
Ignore /ignore $nick don't show what that user types (toggle)
Unignore /unignore $nick don't ignore that user any longer (toggle)
OP commands (built in) values (for OPs or higher)
Ban <ident>@* /mode # +b *!$user@* not shown if ident is "Mibbit"
Ban *@<host> /mode # +b *!*@$host if $host is defined/available


TimeVersion       /ctcp $nick VERSION | /ctcp $nick TIME
KickBanReason     /cs op # | /ban $nick | /kick $nick $? 
Slap              /me slaps $nick with a large trout