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Who am I ?

My previous IRC nicks were: *Miguael, MigeeK, K-rot, Lestat and Nam. Current nicks are:

  • Tatsel and BlackCaesar

Most used nicks across websites:

I am 20, Male and from the Province of Quebec (Canada)

I won't say my real name here.

Who am i ?

Read above.

Favorite activity

Computers and video games, web and talking. For the rest, see my website.

What else?


Your page s***s !

Wait 'till i learn more about Wiki formatting.

Why do i use Mibbit ?

Because it's plateform-independant, and to quote Kitsune, Mibbit is [a promising client] and [I want it to succeed].

Work on progress

The Pirate Trashland [Fr/En]

Random Infos

  • I was gifted with something between a relative and an absolute ear (read about it on wikipedia), so I enjoy music a lot.
  • I speak/write French and English.
  • I hacked my Wii
  • I fried my PC
  • I have a Second Life (I'm known as Miguael Liamano)