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Right Project Description
Mode voice.png #freethought A channel centered around openness
Mode op.png #neoseeker Chat center for neoseekans
Mode owner.png #SuperFast My home
Mode owner.png #intellectualchat A chat center for the intelligent minded
Mode op.png FFXIII Chat center for FFXIII fans
Mode op.png #CGNhome CGNcompudude's home
Mode voice.png #bots A place where bots stay(Bot home)
sysop ***NONE*** ***NONE***
admin ***NONE*** ***NONE***

Mibbit: #test #SuperFast #Bots #Intellectualchat
Freenode: #wikipedia-simple
#yourwiki #wikibooks
#wikimedia #mibbit
WMF: #simple.wikibooks
EWC:#lobby #support
SuperFast_Oz here..I'm a regular to mibbit.. and some times I'm off only cause I'm sleepy, at a party,Or dealing with technical problems, or because I'm off playing a new game.

Things random users have "given" me:
  • one banana
  • 6,438,479,614 complements
  • A rating of 5 out of 5
  • 2,609,145,248,438,710,123 cookies
  • Dual Wield Uzzies
  • 347,237,496,237,842,341,946 op,admin,owner,half op statuses
  • 479,082 voices
  • only 5 +b
  • An IRC gang affiliation(Just role playing)
  • total of 4 million hugs
  • A butterfinger
  • 97,205,093,485,039,215 lbs of gold
  • 3 kicks..
  • 4,216 lbs of ammo

I speak any language.

Favourite IRC quotes

My enemys