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|colspan="3"|<small>'''Mibbit:''' #test #bopm #chatz0r #staff #molkmin
|colspan="3"|<small>'''Mibbit:''' #test #chatz0r #molkmin
|colspan="3"|<small>'''Freenode:''' #wikipedia-simple #cvn-simplewikis
|colspan="3"|<small>'''Freenode:''' #wikipedia-simple #cvn-simplewikis

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Right Project Description
Mode op.png #help Help channel
Mode op.png #mibbit Mibbit chat
Mode owner.png #wolf Wolfgame
Mode halfop.png #chat International chat
Mode op.png #friendschat potts+oliverwoods
Mode op.png #2012 The chat to discuss 2012
Mode voice.png #ribbit An experiment in chat :-)
sysop wiki Documentation about Mibbit
admin bugs Former bugtracker

Mibbit: #test #chatz0r #molkmin
Freenode: #wikipedia-simple #cvn-simplewikis
#yourwiki #portal-hosting #wikipedia-en #wikibooks
##jswolfbot #wikimedia #mibbit
WMF: #simple.wikibooks
EWC: #teen_only_chat #lobby #support
Twitter: Microchip08
Hi there. I'm Microchip08, and I'm a regular(ish) contributor to this wiki. I'm active on Simple English Wikipedia, as well as other Wikimedia projects. I'm also a staff member at YourWiki, so I am used to MediaWiki installations. I'm mainly active on Freenode, although I am now starting to use Mibbit, although I don't normally use the client. Any questions, poke them towards my talk page. As you can see from the list on the right, I am an operator on #help and #mibbit, as well as a sysop here on the wiki. Being a sysop, I can do more things than the average user on this wiki. For example, I can protect pages, so only accounts 4 days or older can edit it, or protect them so only other sysops can edit them. I can block users from editing, if they are vandalising, for instance. I can also delete pages.

It also appears that my IRC client will go into overload shortly: I have 24 tabs open normally, plus tabs for three NickServs, one ChanServ, on freenode.connect, and one Bot. Boom.

As you can see, I like collecting flags -- a quick summary can be seen in the top right-hand corner, not that you're interested.

I'm always looking for an interesting channel or network to join, and I don't mind PMs that actually have a reason behind it.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Time to stop.

Things random users have "given" me:
  • One cork
  • Snow
  • Four and a half stars
  • A legal threat
  • A trophy
  • Several ellipses
  • Four speakers
  • Several accidental +b's
  • Six hugs
  • A rolled up newspaper
  • One house
  • A gline (:o)

This user is a native speaker of English. · This user can help out at a high level of Simple English. · Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau moyen en français. · Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse. · en · de-1 · fr-2