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I am a #help and #mibbit chat op, we have the star next to our nicks when using the mibbit client. (When using a Java chat app, we might have the cool sunglasses, or when using something like mIRC, we have the @ snail) You can come to me with most any issue with regard to #help and #mibbit chat, with help in the mibbit client, or using irc in general. I was invited to be a chat op by the owner of #help.

What do you know?

um, enough. But as the mibbit client is a new service, I am learning new things every day. I am neither an author of the mibbit client, nor have a say in its development. I just know how to help. I am a teacher (High School electronics and history classes is what I used to do, but now I only sub, all grades), a programmer, but not AJAX; I do things in Asm, C, C++, C#, Perl, SQL and write some pretty mean mIRC scripts. I also do hardware and firmware design.

Are you a spy?

What? oh I see. I am an Owner/Admin on another IRC network, and am an Admin/Oper on a handfull of other IRC networks. I in no way try to impose any moderation on the conversation out of the realm and spirit of the rules set forth by the owner of #mibbit.

No, I won't tell you which networks they are. That would be unfair to mibbit. If it comes up in conversation, maybe, but otherwise, it's just selfserving spam.

Why are you here?

I see a lot of promise with the mibbit client, and want to see it succeed, so that my users can also benefit. The more I learn how it works, the more I can help my own users. The more I help mibbit users, the more I learn. A win-win for all.

And users are nice and deserving. We are all guests of mibbit, act like one and be treated like one.

What is your name?

Kitsune is my name; I am not a furry, and I don't watch much amine. If you take my name from Japanese to English then to Scottish, that is what my mother calls me, but all of my employees and friends call me Kit.

Are you old?

Get off my LAWN!