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This is a list of preference parameters and their default values. The first column lists the abolished "/dset" commands (not regularly updated).

Note: old widget links using "&internal=value" pairs will still work for a while, but you should move them into &settings= as soon as possible

Default preferences

Color names will not work with the tabs
(2008-10-28, ex /dset)
internal (full version) defaults (widget) comment name in prefs prefs-tab
allowIncommingPMs true Allow incom(m)ing PMs
autoAway 7200 0 = disable Auto away time (seconds)
autoAwayMessage Auto away Auto away message
autoBack true Auto back
blurPMs true Blur received PMs
cgmMargins 3 2 Sizes: Chat window Margins
chatBackground white Chat background
chatBackgroundLines #c8c8ff Chat background lines
chatFontFamily Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Font types Chat column
chatFontSize 13 Font sizes Chat
chatInputBackground #eee Chat input background
chatInputBarBackground #cad69f Chat inputopts background
chatInputBarBorder #51661c Chat inputopts border
chatInputBorder #cad69f Chat input border
chatInputColor black Chat input color
chatInputFontFamily Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Font types Chat input
chatInputOptionsBackground transparent reset: #cad69f ? Chat inputopts background
chatOutputBackground transparent reset: white ? Chat background
chatOutputMaxLines 250 Scrollback lines
chatOutputNickLeft < Short nick left Chat out
chatOutputNickRight > Short nick right Chat out
chatOutputNickWidth 90 110 Sizes: Nick column width
chatOutputShowNicks true false Show nicks column
chatOutputShowTimes true false Show timestamps
chatOutputTimeWidth 30 Sizes: Time column width
chatPaddingBottom 1 ie: >0 ! Chat padding bottom
chatPaddingTop 1 ie: >0 ! Chat padding top
chatPaneBackground white Chat pane background
chatPaneBorder #51661c
colorAway #c66
colorBack #6c6
colorBan #22c
colorChangeNick #880
colorChannels green
colorChat #000
colorChatMe #000
colorChatRecent #888
colorEmote #c44
colorEmoteMe #c44
colorEmoteRecent #e88
colorInvite #66c
colorIRCLinks red
colorJoin #0f0
colorKick #f00
colorLinks blue
colorNotice #800
colorPart #f00
colorSystem #800
colorTopic #008
colorTopicWho #088
colorUserMode #662
confirmServerClose true Confirm server disconnect
defaultCharset UTF-8 Default charset General
doubleClickTime 400 Double click time(ms)
doubleClickToPM true Double click to PM
extraContentPosition middle Extra content position Other
extraContentWidth 400 Extra content width Other
focusNewJoins true Focus new joins
iconModeAdmin /icons/mode_admin.png
iconModeHalfop /icons/mode_halfop.png
iconModeOp /icons/mode_op.png
iconModeOwner /icons/mode_owner.png
iconModeVoice /icons/mode_voice.png
iconSmileysBase /smileys/
iconSmileysHeight 19
iconSmileysWidth 19
inputHistorySize 250 Scrollback lines
language en Language (used in the UI)
logChannels false
logPMs false Log my PMs
needSendButton false Have a send button
nickBackground #cad69f Nick background
nickBorderRight #888 Nick border right
nickColor #00f Nick color
nickColorGuest green Nick color (guest)
nickColorMe #242 Nick color (me)
nickFontFamily Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Font types Nick column
nickFontSize 11 Font sizes Nick
nickHighlight #686 Nick highlight
nickHighlightMe #4a4 Nick highlight (me)
nickVerticalAlign middle Nick vertical align
noticesToActiveTab true Notices to active tab
noUListInChannels false No channel ulist
openLinksInExtra false
parseChannels true Make channels clickable
parseColor true Show mIRC colors
parseGoogleMaps true
parseJustinTV true
parseLinks true Make links clickable
parseNicks true Highlight nicks
parseReplaceImages true Create image thumbnails
parseReplaceImagesHeight 32 Thumbnail height
parseReplaceImagesWidth 32 Thumbnail width
parseSimple true also /itallic/ Parse _underline_ *bold*
parseSmilies true Show graphical smilies
parseYouTubes true false(?)
sendButtonBackground white Send button background
sendButtonBorder #448 Send button border
showAwaysBacks true false Away and backs
showBans true Bans and unbans
showChannelTabUsers true number of users #users on channel tabs
showInputOptions true Show inputBar options
showJoinInfo false Extra join info
showJoinsParts true false Join and parts
showMarkers true
showPartInfo false Extra part info
showRecentChat true
showUserModes true User mode changes
sizeSmiliesToText false true Size smilies to text
tabBackgroundColor #000 Tab Colors background General
tabBColorCannel #cccccc Tab Colors Channel border General
tabBColorPM #cccccc Tab Colors PM border General
tabBColorServer #c0ffc0 Tab Colors Server border General
tabBColorYServer #c0c0f3 Tab Colors Server border General
tabColorCannel #e6f3ca Tab Colors Channel General
tabColorPM #8c8c8c Tab Colors PM General
tabColorServer #6cb12a Tab Colors Server General
tabColorYServer #c0c0f3 Tab Colors Server General
tabFontFamily Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Tabs General
tabIndividualCloses false (x) on inactive tabs as well Show closers on blurred tabs General
tabListWidth 160
tabSpacing 4 2 Tab Colors spacing General
tabTextColor #000 Tab Colors text General
tabTextColorActivity #33c Tab Colors text (activity) General
tabTextColorActivityMe #c33 Tab Colors text (activity me) General
tabTextColorArrows #eee Tab Colors arrows General
tabTextColorInactive #444 Tab Colors text (inactive) General
timeBackground #e4eace Time background
timeBorderRight #888 Time border right
timeColor #444 Time color
timeFontFamily Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Font types Time column
timeFontSize 11 Font sizes Time
ulistPaneBackground white e.g., url(http://media.mibbit.com/bg4.gif) User list background User list
ulistPaneBorder #51661c User list border User list
userListColorInactive #6c6 User list (away) User list
userListColorNormal green User list (normal) User list
userListColorTyping red User list (typing) User list
userListFontFamily Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif User font User list
userListFontSize 13 User font size User list
userListHover #d8d8d8 hover User list menu
userListIconHeight 16 Icon height User list
userListIconWidth 16 Icon width User list
userListMenuBackground #cad69f menu background User list menu
userListMenuBackgroundHover #e6e68f
userListMenuColor #444 menu color User list menu
userListModeIconHeight 16 Mode icons height User list
userListModeIconWidth 16 Mode icons width User list
userListModeSpacing 2 Mode icons spacing User list
userListPadding 0 1 Padding User list
userListSelected #e4eace selected User list menu
userListShowIcons true false Show icons User list
userListShowModesLeft false Combined mode on left User list
userListShowSingleMode false true Show combined mode User list
userListWidth 140 120 Sizes: User list width User list
windowAlertMaxFlashes 3 Window alert flashes Other
windowAlertPeriod 500 Alert period Other
internal (full version) defaults (widget) comment name in prefs prefs-tab

use the "Prefs" link (if you are registered and logged in to mibbit).