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You can control the look/behavior of mibbit by calling it with various parameters in the uri (like .../?param1=value1&param2=value2&..., see examples):


don't use "&" instead of "&". It is not valid for uri parameters and might stop working in the future.

the following options don't seem to work any longer:

  • PromptBackground (default: light gray, %23eee)
  • PromptColor (default: dark gray, %23222)
  • WaitingBackground (defauilt: black, %23000)
  • WaitingColor (default: light gray, %23ccc)

examples (just right-click and open in a new window for testing):


Please use the Widget-manager to create a skin and an iframe code snippet.

other valid entries:

  • 0 / 1 are also allowed for false / true

Main Client

In old links/bookmarks please replace "www.mibbit.com/chat" or "mibbit.com/chat" respectively with "chat.mibbit.com".

Passing parameters will result in a pre-filled connect form (if not connected already to the network via autoconnect etc):

  • nick (if empty a random nick like "mib_3Zh5F4" will be presented)
  • channel (you even can submit a comma separated channel list like %23chat,%23test)
  • server (both, server and channel must be provided!)



or (used for the Firefox IRC handler):

  • url=<urlencoded irc://server/#channel>



Note: this will not work if networks allow mibbit only on certain servers/ports, e.g., EFnet: irc.umich.edu

other valid parameters:

  • debug=<anything> opens a Log-tab (/debug as command works as well)
  • noWebSocket=true forces the browser not to use a websocket to circumvent instabilities; default is false)