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The Input box consists of three main sections. The first is an input box, and the second is a list of input options. The third is the Send button. Only the input box is required to be shown. The other two sections may be wholly removed for a cleaner interface.

The Input box is located right below the Chat pane. In Input Box is located right above the input options toolbar. The send button is on the right, and takes up both rows of the input box.

Command Line

The command line is the place where both content and commands are placed.

Commands are started with a backslash (/) followed by the name followed by parameters, which are either optional or required. Twitter will not accept commands.

Content starts with any other character. Also, if a line starts with a double-backslash (//), that line will be treated as content with the first character as a backslash. This is an escape command that works on both Twitter and IRC tabs.

For each tab, a history of commands is saved. This means that when you press up or down while on the command line, prior commands or content entered will be shown. When used properly, this can save effort. Still, if you duplicate the same command many times, using an alias is probably a better idea.

Tab-autocomplete is also enabled in Mibbit. With tab-autocomplete, when tab is pressed, the current word will be expanded to fit the first match from the userlist. This helps type names in faster. If the word being tab-autocompleted is the first word in the command line, a colon and a space will be added after it. For all other words, only a space will be added.

Input Options

See Input Options

Send Button

The send button sends whatever content or command is in the input box.