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Help, I can not connect to my favorite network because of 'too many connections'. Closing Link: YourNick[] (Too many connections from your IP) Closing Link: (Too many host connections (local))
Closing Link: YourNick by (Too many connections from your host)
*** Banned: Temporary D-line 4320 min. - Connect flooding (4 connects in 76 seconds) Max clones reached for your IP Closing Link: YourNick[] (Z:lined (You look like a bot. Be sure to fill in your nick/ident/realname properly.))
The session limit for your host has been exceeded.

And other variations on the theme.

No, you have not done anything wrong.

But it worked a minute ago/yesterday, and I did not change anything.

No, you did not change anything, and nothing has really changed.

The problem is, is you are trying to connect to an IRC network that does not have a trust relationship established with

All Networks have some sort of user limit per IP. That is, typically they allow between 3 and 10 users to connect multiple times. When that limit is reached, the IRC server starts blocking new connections from that same IP with the message similar to the above.

But I am the only one connecting from my house.

But that isnt the problem, the problem is, is you are trying to connect to an IRC network that does not have a trust relationship established with

Without that trust relationship, all Mibbit connections "look like" they are coming from one IP, the Mibbit IP. So it really means that there are other Mibbit users wanting to use your favorite network too, and that limit has been reached.

OK - How do I fix it?

Well, you can't directly, but you can help. If you pass this link, to the administrators on your favorite network, tell them that you would like to use the Mibbit client, and could they see about enabling the trust relationship.

Be nice, it is their network, and if they choose not to, or they are technically unable to, then that will have to be that. Pick a different IRC client.

Or it could be a different reason

As above, without that trust relationship with, some networks are unable to make that trust relationship work, be it for technical or other reasons.

  • Sometimes the network has just one server enabled or needs a special port for mibbit clients. It could be that you are connecting to a server that is not appropriate. Check the list of networks Mibbit has trust relationships with by using the Network pulldown on the home tab of the Mibbit Chat. If the network is listed with WebIRC indicated, then we have that trust set up. Try to use that selecton instead of typing in the server name.
  • Sometimes the network has no servers enabled, but has set a higher limit just for the Mibbit users. Similarly, in this case, that limit might be set more than usual, but is still being reached.