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<includeonly><big>{{{name}}}</big><br />
<includeonly>{{#set:Name={{{name}}}}}<big>[[{{#ifexist: Preference:{{{name|}}} | Preference:{{{name}}} | Preference:{{{name}}} ({{{tab}}})}}|{{{name}}}]]</big><br />
{{{summary}}}<br />
[[Summary::{{{summary}}}]]<br />
'''Section:'''  {{{section}}}<br />
:'''Tab:'''  [[Tab::{{{tab}}}]]{{#set:Tab={{{tab}}}}}<br />
'''Subsection:''' {{{subsection}}}<br />
:'''Section:''' {{{section}}}<br />
'''Type:''' {{{type}}}<br />
:'''Type:''' {{{type}}}<br />
'''Default:'''  {{{default}}}<br />
:'''Default:'''  [[Default::{{{default}}}]]
{{{description}}}{{SMW Client|{{{client|mw}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

|name=Auto back
|description=Automatically sets your client back when you type something.
|summary=Automatically come back when you say something.

Shows up as

{{#set:Name=Auto back}}[[{{#ifexist: Preference:Auto back | Preference:Auto back | Preference:Auto back (General)}}|Auto back]]
Summary::Automatically come back when you say something.

Tab: Tab::General{{#set:Tab=General}}
Section: General
Type: Checkbox
Default: Default::checked

Automatically sets your client back when you type something.{{#switch: mw |m={{#set:Client=Main}} |w={{#set:Client=Widget}} |mw={{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}} }}

This template will probably become more complicated as edge cases are discovered.

Visit Template:Preference/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?)