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Seeing that, for the Mibbit project, staff is an ambiguous term, this page details what types of staff members they are, and what powers they have. This list starts with those with the least amount of power, and goes up from there.


Helpers are those that have halfop #help or have halfop or op in #mibbit or #chat. They help moderate those channels. Helpers have no access to the Mibbit client that other users do not also have access to. Anything a helper has access to, higher staff levels also have access to.

#staff and #mibbitdev

These two channels are used for dealing with server issues, and for testing of new features in the Mibbit client. Many of the suggestions staff members and helpers give are done here. May or may not have sysop access on the wiki.


These people have op in #help along with #mibbit and #chat. They have access to multiple IRCOP only channels, though those only deal with the server. They also have access to adding Web:IRC entries, and are allowed a private wiki, though it is used very little. The following is a list of IRC OPs. They do not get paid for anything they do.

  • Hercule
  • Havvy
  • Joshua
  • Sindacious
  • Kitsune
  • Azander
  • Molkmin

Axod & Fastundia

Axod made the client as it is today, and has access to everything. Fastundia is axod's brother, and was recently granted privileges to the client.