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Here a little "howto" create your own skin:

  • goto
  • register as, e.g., "skinMyName" (remember your pw!)
  • open the "Prefs" page
  • optionally load an external skin
  • modify colors and other settings
  • copy the id (2nd line) ... save your work
  • use the id (from the "Prefs" page) for your own skin in the widget's uri "settings=" or in the Widget-Creator

example: ("grayish style")

40d4f6c76550fbd0daaf419a85b2e1e6 - This is a clean blue skin


22041f31cac0adf2d1959cdc21aed853 - Some nice textures


3627414e3771f9250fce659187969141 - red theme. Picture will be added when fully completed.


acb704a14e67d7a7e95e81047d72cebc - The skin uses heavily #CCCCFF & #AAAACC for background elements; uses #880000 for server messages, mode changes, and joins; #FF0000 [red] for any type of leave, and various shades of gray for people being away and thing like that. A picture will come soon. I'm getting a test of colors.


Please add any cool skins here.

A nice ColorPicker tool for selecting color values for your skins.