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Skins are basically all saved preferences from a user represented by a (Hex-)string of 32 letters (a..f) and ciphers.

Adding Skins

These are the steps needed to create a skin for Mibbit.

For the Widget

  1. Open the Widget-Manager in a new tab or window (right-click) to create/edit your special widget skin
  2. Fill username, password in "Create a new chat widget" (and remember them!), click [Create an account]
  3. Enter your email address into "My Account" (in case you forget your pw we can send it there)
  4. Open the "Prefs" page (the settings id for this account can be found at the bottom of the tab)
  5. Optionally click the "Skins" tab and load an external skin through the "Load A Skin ID:" form (from another widget id, the main client still uses a different database)
  6. Modify colors and other settings, click [Save and close]. Don't reload the manager.
  7. Copy & paste the crated code into your web-page (as iframe or popup)
  8. Open or reload your widget to see the changes

example: http://widget.mibbit.com/?settings=42c110f3cbbaea489c0b0e40a40e6e18&... ("simple style").

See also Widget iFrame and URI Creator and Uri parameters for the meanings of the values.

Make sure that if you publish it, not to have any private info in it (like a password in an alias)!

For the full Client

  1. Go to https://www.mibbit.com/chat/
  2. Create an account or Login (if you have not done so already)
  3. Open the "Prefs" page
  4. Optionally click the "Skins" tab and load an external skin through the "Load A Skin ID:" form
  5. Modify colors and other settings to your liking.
  6. Click the "Save and Close" button.

Note: colors from the "Prefs, General, Tabs" can *not* be loaded from other skins, you have to edit them manually.

Some settings (like "Auto away ...") require a reload to take effect, others (like ...width) need a "/clear".


Any tools that are useful for creating a customized skin shall be listed here.

List of Skins

Note: Don't use those setting IDs directly on your page, create your own account and import the skin you like instead. Otherwise you won't have control over it (special aliases, later changes etc.)

Feel free to add your own skins to this list. Just make sure that they are different enough these skins below. Please keep the list alphabetized. Note: at the moment main and widget use different databases (will perhaps be merged later).

Large Fonts

  • Settings ID: 6492d2ae4202ac1030e71173a51e488f
  • Description: Default settings before any changes are applied with the addition of larger fonts throughout.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs large.png
  • Creator: molkmin


  • Settings ID: ad9539b735c13c87bd3c86b2a52cadf0
  • Description: The default settings before any changes are applied. To reset your custom prefs back to the default, you may use the "Reset all to defaults" button at the bottom of the preference edit page.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs default.png
  • Creator: molkmin



  • Settings ID: a36fc852e105e579011f7589c14222f4
  • Description: This is a Black theme requested by some members on my website. I hope you enjoy using this theme.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs basic black.png
  • Creator: unixbro

Clean Blue

  • Settings ID: 40d4f6c76550fbd0daaf419a85b2e1e6
  • Image: Mibbit prefs clean blue.png
  • Creator: mibbit/Axod

Nice Textures

  • Settings ID: 22041f31cac0adf2d1959cdc21aed853
  • Image: Mibbit prefs textures.png

Pastel Blue

  • Settings ID: 90772f4b0ed9e9fc1e4ae12bc47e6c66 (main only)
  • Description: The image is for the most part, accurate, but changes have been made since then. It incorporates a color closer to blue but between blue and purple to give a smooth and less distracting then white background.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs pastel blue.png
  • Creator: Havvy


  • Settings ID: e79edf341a7291ae57738feff858bc16
  • Description: This is a Phoenix theme requested by the members on my website. I hope you enjoy using this theme. If you use the PHP-Fusion Phoenix theme this skin is for you.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs phoenix.png
  • Creator: unixbro


  • Settings ID: 5d97d370a6e3c9694b10f0db3b50c122
  • Description: This is a pink theme requested by the ladies on my website. I hope you enjoy using this theme.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs pink.png
  • Creator: unixbro

PortableApps.com (Red)

  • Settings ID: 3627414e3771f9250fce659187969141
  • Description: Portable Apps theme
  • Image: Mibbit prefs portable apps.png
  • Creator: Chris Morgan


  • Settings ID: 29fdcba523719e5c15e2df228ac6456a
  • Description: This is a red theme requested by the members on my website. I hope you enjoy using this theme.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs red.png
  • Creator: unixbro

Relaxing Purple Pathos

  • Settings ID: e04a79313c47f155f346aa1b25615a06
  • Description: This is a light lavender purple and light blue theme. I hope you enjoy using this theme.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs purple.png
  • Creator: Ruth


  • Settings ID: e45b6397f1cdd3f1e3db04091b842551
  • Description: This is a sandstorm theme requested by the members on my website. I hope you enjoy using this theme.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs sandstorm.png
  • Creator: unixbro

Simple Text

  • Settings ID: 1529ea977baeb4471a913b48465ca96e
  • Description: Basic light blue theme with slightly larger fonts with channel tabs on the left side.
  • Image: Mibbit prefs basic.png
  • Creator: molkmin


  • Settings ID: 17298af2d1a0148d2fd19b8a7d93879d
  • Description: Brownish colors to go along with the color scheme of Galava.net
  • Image: Mibbit prefs galava.png
  • Creator: Havvy


  • Settings ID: eea994908812991289a6478e2c12366f
  • Description: Minimalistic red/dark theme.
  • Image: File:Mibbit prefs darkred.png
  • Creator: Andra - MonsterHunterFreedom2.com

Hordes Skin

  • Settings ID: cbcf3df6852520be320feacf5c8d4e49
  • Description: a theme with the colors of the game "hordes"
  • Image: Mibbit prefs hordes.png
  • Creator: renard7

The SuperFast way

Autumn Theme

  • Settings ID: c106102763aac9ebcc06fa3a83b4eee0
  • Description: Has an autumn feel to it, very relaxing. The backgrounds and texts are much easier on your eyes especially if you are sitting in the dark. Please enjoy this skin.
  • Image: Toucan-autumn-theme.png
  • Creator: Toucan