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This page contains various features in the Mibbit client that make using it easier, but do not warrant a page on its own. Sections in here may become a part of another page though.

Tab Autocomplete

In many IRC clients, it is possible to type the first few letters of a person's nick followed by the tab key and the client will autocomplete the nick. In Mibbit, if it is the first word that is tab autocompleted, it'll append a colon and a space. If it is any subsequent words, it will just append a space.

Input History

This is easier to explain by just saying what to do. In the input bar, type "Hi." or something. Press enter. Then press up. You'll see the message you just sent. It shows commands also. This is most used for doing the same long command over and over again, but only changing one part. If you do it often though, an alias would be better.

Switching Tabs (Channel Tabs)

Alt+RightArrow and Alt+LeftArrow will move between the available Mibbit channel and server tabs.

Alt+UpArrow toggles between "Tabs on left" and on top (see also "Left tabs width" etc in Prefs/General).

Note: Alt+Arrows doesn't work in Opera, Chrome or Safari. In Opera you can use AltGr (right of the space bar) instead - at least using a German keyboard.