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You can connect to SSL IRC servers!

Please note you need to find a server that supports SSL, and make sure you are connecting on the correct port for SSL. You do not need a SSL certification for your client to connect to any of the IRC servers that support SSL. The way to signify Mibbit should use SSL, is to simply prefix the port with a '+'. For example irc://irc.irchighway.net:+9999 and irc://irc.mozilla.org:+6697

You can also connect to Mibbit using SSL. Try it with https://www.mibbit.com and https://widget.mibbit.com respectively.

When using the widget, some characters need to be "escaped" if you need to use them, such as : and +

The : character allows you to add a port. In a widget, it is used as %3A, for example


The + character allows you to add an SSL directive, In a widget, it is used as %2B, for example