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SASL Authenticaion

SASL authenticaion is a method of identifying to a network's services on connect, allowing networks the ability to restrict connections to registered users.

To register a user will either have to use another client to connect, or use a web based authentication system if supported by the services.

SASL will allow networks to only allow registered users to connect to the network, almost eliminating botnets, and related.

How to use

To use SASL on the Mibbit client, go to the AUTH tab and select SASL PLAIN or SASL BLOWFISH. Some networks support of SASL authentication type may vary.


SASL PLAIN will send your password to the server unencrypted.

SASL BLOWFISH will send your password to the server with the blowfish encryption.


This is currently in a testing phase, and only supported on the 01 and 03 Mibbit back-ends. Full support will come soon for 02 and widgets.

Networks that support SASL