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Recent chat is the feature where you enter a channel, and you receive some of the conversation that has been going on in there. The system works by having one person in the channel already using the same Mibbit client. When you join the channel, the messages sent to that person will be collected and sent to you also, before the topic comes in. Note: main client users only see recent chat if a main client user already is in the #ch, widget users only see recent chat if a widget user already is in the #ch.


By default, recent chat is off in most channels because it has a security risk where those who are on an auto-kick list can still get the information. Don't turn this on in channels you want information to be private, and thus only in public channels.

There are three Mibbit based commands for recent chat.

  • /recentchat on -- sets Recent Chat On
  • /recentchat off -- switches Recent Chat Off
  • /recentchat -- Shows which mode Recent Chat is in;
only ops and above (using a Mibbit client!) can change the setting which is then permanently stored in a Mibbit database. With the widget and client databases now split, you need to enable recent chat using both the main client and the widget if you want immediate effect. The backends are synchronized once an hour.


There are a few prefs with recent chat. They are:

  • Chat (Recent) in Chat Color - Changes the color of non emote (/me) messages in recent chat.
  • Emote (Recent) in Chat Color - Changes the color of emotes in recent chat.
  • Recent chat on join in Chat Data - Enables or Disables Recent Chat for you.