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The Mibbit client can provide the user with a random nickname to help them get started. This usually happens if they have been provided with a link to a channel.

The random nicks can include the following;

amphibulus bellows bernard blaphmat bletch blinky bugweiser calatalee charmander claude cornelius curmet dr_bibble fenster ferdinand ferminter figaro findow flabbergaster frogaincia froglegstew frogmella frogonia frogzilla fuogo gamakichi gretchen guacamole gunther hatman huddler jasper kendle keret kermi kermie kermit krebbit leaper lilybet madalynn mermi mohawk montezuma mortisha morton mr_boo mr_evil mr_fribble mr_pants mr_sticky mr_trousers mr_wibble mudpit napoleon obi_wan onix pachuco panitaliemom peeves pheleas_frog Puddles pudgetta quaddle quibbit quiggle raisin reedlepee rumpler schnozzle shmoo skippydippy slimer sluggo smerft sockmister sprocket sprog sproing squiggy stomper umbridge weirdo whidgle wikkit wilma wippler xarcus xorcon yoshi zelda zenon zippity zucchini

To use the main client with a link to a channel see: uri parameters To use the Widget instead see widget