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  • if you have issues with use or (they had some DNS/webirc issues lately)
  • GalaxyNet (max 10?)
  • DALnet (max 25 per server, many of those use the same ip)
  • most other "not mibbit aware" networks limit the total number of mibbit users to 3..5 (per client)
  • Undernet allows 50 (?) mibbit users only on


If you get "Too many connections ..."(or similar) try a different server in "Home", "Server":


Europe: ,

US: , , , , ,

If you get connected type /j #desiredChannel

Sometimes works even if fails (and vice versa).

Networks that don't allow Mibbit clients

  • Freenode
  • QuakeNet

you have to pick a different IRC client for those.