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Private messages are ways for one person to speak to another person without them being in the same channel, or having others see the conversation. There are two types of private messages, notices and private messages.

Private Messages

To initiate a private message, first you need to know the user's nick. Then, use one of the following commands.

/query Nick 
Opens up the private message tab, but does not send a message. The other user does not know you used this command.
/msg Nick Message 
Sends a message to the nick. The private message tab opens for the other user, but not for you.

There are no modes in private chat.


Notices may be preferable if the private messages tab is not needed. Notices are done by using the command /notice Nick Message.

Where the notice goes depends on the specific client. In Mibbit, the location depends on the preference Notices to active tab being enabled or disabled. If enabled, the notice goes to the active tab. Otherwise, the notice goes to the server tab.

Blocking Private Messages

Ignore or Silence

The /silence command allows you to stop reading messages from the specified nick, wherever he writes.

/silence +Jhonny a  

This way you won't read any messages written by Jhonny.

To remove it from the unwanted list, just replace the + with -

/silence -Jhonny a 

The command is equivalent to " /ignore Jhonny " and " /unignore Jhonny ".

Note: unlike the /silence command, with the /ignore command the specified nick will continue to write to you in PM, until you have closed the query window.

Hybrid 7 IRCd

On Hybrid 7 IRCd networks such as EFnet, there is usermode +g to block notices and private messages. It is called "Caller ID mode" and sends any user who attempts to send you or anybody else a private message one notice back saying the attempt failed and the person with +g will get the name and time the message was sent, but only once per minute. If a person with +g wishes to allow another user to send a private message, the command /allow Nickname can be used. To turn this mode on, use the command /mode YourNick +g.

Remember, this only works on Hybrid 7 IRCds. These types of servers are rare.


UnrealIRCd networks such as have the usermode +R to block unregistered users from sending private messages. To turn it on, use the command /mode YourNick +R.