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Private messages are ways for one person to speak to another person without them being in the same channel, or having others see the conversation. There are two types of private messages, notices and private messages. This is a part of standard IRC.

Private Messages

To initiate a private message, first you need to know the users nick. Then, there is one of two options:

  1. /query <nick> - Opens up the private message tab, but does not send a message. The other user does not know you used this command.
  2. /msg <nick> <message> - Opens up the private message tab, and sends the message. The private message tab opens for the other user too.

There are no modes in private chat.


If you do not need a private message tab, notices may be preferable. Notices are done by using the command /notice <nick> <message>, with the message sent to either the server tab or the active tab of the user, depending on whether or not the preference for sending the message to the active tab is set.