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Prefs is the place where preferences are edited in the main client and manager. It has the following tabs:

The Sounds, Alias, Skins, and Smileys have a unique preference interface, but the rest are split in subcategories and explained in each individual preference page. Each individual preference is one of the following types:

Pick an option from the ones provided.
Either takes a number or text depending on the preference.
Either ticked yes or no.
Dropdown of font (choices: Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Cursive, Monospace, Georgia, Impact, Console, Lucida Grande, Palatino, Geneva, Times, Helvetica, Verdana, Symbol, New York) and dropdown of size (from 7 to 24; measurement not given)
Shows the actual color chosen. When active, can either write the hexidecimal code or use the GUI box given.