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Adding mibbit to php fusion 6

Before we start we need to change the header that php fusion uses. This change will not degrade the way php fusion works instead it will enhance it because embedded iframes will work better for all users.

on line 19 of subheader you will find the following line:

echo "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN\">

This needs to be changed to:

echo "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN\" \"\">

Next lets go to

Create (formerly "Register") an account - it's free and allows you to customize the widget for your site.

Now click on the prefs tab. At the bottom of the preferences you will see an id number IE: id=018938476565 copy that number to notepad for future reference.

Make a room on the irc server of your choice. Pick a good network.

Make sure whatever irc network you are using you register your username and your room.

Go back to the mibbit homepage and click on "Get started here" in the "Add the IRC widget to your site FREE" box.

Now lets fill out the form:

Server: this is asking for the network you registered your channel on, i.e., Channel(s): The room on the network you created IE: #help Settings ID: this is the ID number I had you save earlier without the id= part. Just the number gets added here.

The rest you can let go as default unless your network requires a change. The best way to find out is to join that networks help channel and ask for thier help.

When you click on the preview button underneath the URL will be your custom code for your webpage. Save that you'll need it to build your page.

Now lets make a webpage for php fusion with mibbits included. Open up a text editor and copy and paste the following into it.

<?php require_once "maincore.php";

require_once BASEDIR."subheader.php";

$user = $userdata['user_name'];

opentable("Chatroom"); echo "<iframe width='100%' height='400' scrolling=no style='border:0' src=''></iframe>"; closetable();

require_once BASEDIR."footer.php"; ?>

Now on the line where it starts echo "<iframe just change the src='http...' part leave the other settings as I have put them. This will create a nice looking page that will be customized to your site.

Save this as mibbit.php

Upload to the root folder of your php fusion directory.

Then go to your admin panel > system admin > site links and add this page as a link. I called my link chatroom and I put it on the subheader and navigation panel. Also make sure on this link that you click on the Open in new window box.

Thats it your done. Enjoy your chat. If you don't like what your mibbit looks like go to your mibbit account and change your preferences.

Want to add custom smilies now? Great. If you plan on hosting even 1 smiley of your own you must host them all. Make a directory on your webpage called chatsmiles then upload all the smileys you want to use. For best results make sure they are all the same size. Now in your mibbits account remove all the smileys there. and where is says "Smileys base URL" put your path to your smileys folder IE: <-- remember to put the / Now just one by one add your custom smileys. first you put what you want a smiley to appear from IE: :) next to is assign the smiley you want to use IE: smile.gif.

I hope this tutorial has helped you.