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IRC in general has a lot of passwords, which increases with every server you join and channel you register. Mibbit adds to the list with two passwords. One for the main client and one for widget owners. All of the passes are case sensitive.

Mibbit Passwords

For the main client, the password to log in is entered in the header. If it is forgotten, a reminder can be sent to your email, if you provided that data in the 'account' tab accessible from the header. If you didn't set an email you have to send a request to The password can also be changed from the 'account' tab.

The manager has slightly tweaked positions, but works the same way.

IRC Passwords

To register a nick, see Register nick. To register a channel, see Register channel. To change the password of your nick, use the command /ns set password newPassword.

Channel keys (passwords for joining a channel) can be set with /mode #channel +k channelKey. They can be unset by changing the +k to a -k.


If you forgot your nickserv password on, follow these instructions to reset your password;

1. From a connection to type the command

   /ns RESETPASS yourNickname theAssociatedEmail

2. You will be sent an e-mail to the registered account for that nickname.

      *Please check your Spam folder in case you don't see it at first*
      * also - add '' email address (us) to your whitelist if you have one *

Follow the actions in the mail.

   /ns ENTERCODE the-code

3. You'll be given a temporary new password (shown on screen). Identify using this code like this

   /ns IDENTIFY temporary_new_password
  • Note: if you see it the trailing dot is *not* part of the password  :)

You will now be successfully identified and your account restored to you, you must change your password now.

4. Change password using

   /ns SET PASSWORD YourNewPassWord

(please follow good password practice, e.g. do not set it to your old pass or any other you use)

5. Your nickname and channels are restored successfully to the registered e-mail account and credentials are stored in the new, rebuilt IRCd services.

do this once your nick has been recovered.

Please note resets *expire* after one hour - if you don't receive an e-mail after this time please try a second time. And do check <spam> - Yahoo and Hotmail have been unkind to this kind of email in the past. Thank You.