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User menu entries allow executing predefined actions (similar to an alias) when you click on a member of the user list.

Available variables:

  • $nick - the nickname of the user
  • $me - your own nickname
  • # (hash/pound) - the channel your are in

Variables available when people join after you or if you do an /whois on them:

  • $host - user host name (partly cloaked)
  • $user - user ident


  • PM - /query $nick
  • Whois - /whois $nick

Built-in items (not editable):

  • Kick user - /kick $nick (only if you are op+)
  • Ban - /ban *@$host (main client, only if you are op+)
  • Ignore - /ignore $nick


  • give voice - /mode # +v $nick
  • chg nick - $nick, please type: /nick newNickHere