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Here is a list of the most frequently asked commands (mFAC) on #help and #mibbit. Please add to the list if you feel like so.

/nick <nick> Changes your nick to "nick" /join #mibbit Will make you join the #mibbit channel. Replace channel name as needed. /part #channel Makes you leave #channel

/ignore FlabberGasteR Will hide all messages from FlabberGasteR untill next connection to the server. See /silence

/silence +FlabberGasteR Tells the server not to send you *any* kind of messages, notices, private messages, etc. from FlabberGasteR *forever*. Remove him from the list with /ignore -FlabberGasteR if wanted, otherwise it'll stay untill you do. Logging off will *not* remove it. You have been warned.

/quit <optional quit message> Disconnects you from the current server. You may put an optional reason why you quit.

/away <reason> Marks you as "away: <reason>". Will show up as

  • <yournick> is away ( <reason>)
if using mibbit, and to mibbit users.

/notice <nick> <message> sends <message> to <nick> in a different fashion than private messages. usually shows up the user's active window instead of opening a new one.

/msg <nick> <message> sends <message> to <nick> in a new window for a private conversation. Will *not* open a window on *your* side.

/query <nick> <message> Same as above, but *will* open a new window in *your* client.

P.S. : I can't use the bolding button and don't remind how to code it. Please change *word* to bold as needed. Thanks.