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*** Typically mibbot_st@ or mibbot_sta@
*** Typically mibbot_st@ or mibbot_sta@
* Host: '''bot.search.mibbit.com'''
* Host: '''bot.search.mibbit.com'''
* IP: ''''''
* IPv4: '''''' / IPv6: '''2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe96:c1fa'''
* Real Name/GECOS: '''Mibbit net stats bot'''
* Real Name/GECOS: '''Mibbit net stats bot'''

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Mibbot is the Mibbit indexing services bot, that populates information in http://search.mibbit.com/ and other search functions and statistics for the Mibbit Clients and Services.

The following is aimed at the network/server owner, admin or oper.

Information valid at edit time, and may be refined as requirements evolve.

Indexer nickname

  • Nickname: mibbot_stats
    • May be truncated by your maximum nicklength settings.
  • User: mibbot_stats
    • May be truncated by your server variably for user@ length, and identd flags.
      • Typically mibbot_st@ or mibbot_sta@
  • Host: bot.search.mibbit.com
  • IPv4: / IPv6: 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe96:c1fa
  • Real Name/GECOS: Mibbit net stats bot


The Mibbot indexer collects basic information on your server, much like the http://netsplit.de and http://searchirc.com indexers. We use the results to populate information in http://search.mibbit.com/ and other statistical functions.

Who is indexed

Only IRC Networks that are listed publicly in the Mibbit network selection.

Can our network be removed from indexing?

Yes of course, indicate your preference at the time that you are working with setting up the initial webirc settings, or at any time by contacting Mibbit staff.

How often are we indexed?

One connection is made every 60 minutes, to your 'connect server' on record. This may be a particular server, or maybe your Round Robbin DNS server, depending on how you have chosen to set up your webirc settings with Mibbit.

What is collected

Basically, what any user would see upon connection, with the addition of the list of channels.

Specifically, the following response codes are logged:

  • 002 Your host is server, running version ver
  • 003 This server was created datetime
  • 004 server ver usermode channelmode
  • 005 server capabilities
  • 252 /luser detail
  • 253 /luser detail
  • 255 /luser detail
  • 265 /luser detail
  • 266 /luser detail
  • 375 /motd detail
  • 322 /list detail

Does the indexer test the webirc function?

No, this bot does not test, or use, the webirc function.

Does the indexer respond to CTCP commands?

No, the present incarnation does not respond to any CTCP commands.

It sure seems to stick around a while

The present incarnation uses a rudimentary method to get past networks that prevent /list for the first few minutes.

  • It sits around for 10 minutes.