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Taken from [Mibbit.com/privacy.html on July 1st, 2009. For more information, feel free to contact us.

What does mibbit log?

{{notice:Where it says "We do not currently log any channels, it means public logging or logging that any staff has access too.}}

We do not keep logs of server connections, or channels joined. We do track failed connection attempts anonymously in order to resolve any compatibility issues.
We do not currently log any channels. In the future there will be a way for users to opt in to have their channels logged. There will also be a way for channel operators to opt in to have their channel logged *and* make it public.
Logging of PMs and channels is opt in. You can delete any PM or channel logs you wish at any time.
When you enter a channel on irc.mibbit.com, you may get some 'recent chat'. This is sent from fellow mibbit users in that channel. This feature is currently only enabled for channels on irc.mibbit.com, and nothing is stored permanently.
If you are accused or suspected of abuse, a small log will be written to disk, including recent communications for the express purpose of determining if abuse did take place. This will not be shared, or used for any other purpose. Once dealt with, it will be deleted. This includes "/ctcp REPORT" and KILL messages from networks which will both generate an abuse report.

What do you want my email address for in the account tab?

If you need a password reminder, or for future opt-in features such as alerts/notifications. We don't spam don't worry :)

My account details

Any account details you fill in, such as login details, are held in strict confidence, securely.

My profile details

Your profile is public, and can be viewed by anyone. If you don't want people to see something, do not put it in your profile.

3rd party services

If you make use of the on the fly translation service, you understand that your chat will be sent anonymously to googles translate service API. You may wish to check their own privacy policy for this service.
Additionaly selected keywords from the chat may be used in order to provide useful contextual advertising. This data will not be sold, or used for any other purpose than to match against potential adverts.

I have further questions

If you have any questions about privacy, please contact us at contact@mibbit.com