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== IRC ==
== IRC ==
Usually axod is at [irc://irc.mibbit.net/help #help@irc.mibbit.net] when he is working.  Just ping him.  When he is not there, other [[staff]] members may be there, and may be there to help.  This channel is also where support for the client and server is also done.  It is the best way to get most issues (non-premium) resolved quickly.
If you need general (non-premium) support, the [[staff]] members hang out in  [irc://irc.mibbit.net/help #help@irc.mibbit.net].
== Twitter ==
== Twitter ==

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If you wish to get into contact Mibbit, or merely follow the developments, this page should show all ways possible.


If you need general (non-premium) support, the staff members hang out in #help@irc.mibbit.net.


Mibbit is axod's main account.


As described at Mibbit.com/contact.html:

Email Accounts
Address Reason to send email
abuse@mibbit.com To report abuse or other security matters
bugs@mibbit.com To report bugs in any of Mibbit's projects. You may wish to confirm in #help first.
contact@mibbit.com To request a Premium widget or get Premium specific help
enquiries@mibbit.com To make any use of material on our site other than that set out in the TOS
help@mibbit.com For general Mibbit help and support
staff@mibbit.com To get WEBIRC setup with your IRC server
tech@mibbit.com For inquiries relating to using Mibbit on your own website


Blog.mibbit.com provides periodic updates on what is going on in the world of Mibbit.


This wiki here gives plenty of information about the project, but is incomplete. If you think something is missing and you want it, notify us. Also, if you know of a fact that is missing, and you can update it yourself, do so. Let others know.