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UnrealIRCd, Anope, Mibbit

Hi. do you think it would be a better idea (for organisational reasons) to have a page named UnrealIRCd (with commands lasted) and a page named Anope (with commands listed), and have each command information page be named UnrealIRCd:HELPOP and Anope:NickServ? And also a page named Mibbit, and then sub-pages such as Mibbit:RecentChat. If you think this would be a better idea, I can sort it out -- Steffan (through IRC notice)

Ultimately, the Mibbit: namespace is taken for organizational reasons, but until I can get confirmation on whether or not we can get namespaces I must say that we should not do that. --Havvy 02:39, 26 April 2010 (UTC)