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  • Continue work on backend IRC protocol. Improve compatibility.
  • Implement tagging for channels. eg a channel op could go into #javascript and do "/tag javascript programming js". This will make the channel found by those keywords, and will also be listed at http://www.mibbit.com/tags/
  • Finish public logging for channels. This will also be a channel op opt in command, "/publiclog on|off". The logs will be exposed at http://www.mibbit.com/networks/<network>/<channel>/logs/
  • Decide how to handle charsets in channel names. For example, if we have the same channel name, in 2 charsets on the same server, how do we represent... How do we handle unicode in urls etc etc.
  • Premium widget - tie to specific server/channel


  • Get rid of all alerts, confirms and prompts. These stall comms and can disconnect if you're not quick enough. They should all be done with divs etc. (Most done in main client)
  • Make IRC send pings every so often - I want to know much sooner when a connection is dead. (Comms issue)
  • Use charset default in all places... [home] connect form, [accounts].
  • Add alt-nicks
  • Fix channels so people with a ton of channels can see them all properly
  • http proxy finish
  • Google maps geocoding mouseover
  • Finish XMPP/Jabber/GTalk
  • Switch to yellow? = non mibbit, green icon = mibbit, blue=male, pink=female.
  • Start work on new [profile] system with a lot more data.
  • Password reminder system.
  • Implement remotes (Scripting)
  • Implement more functions etc for scripting
  • Think about dcc send as an option in uploader...
  • Uploader multipart issue sometimes?
  • dcc download issues? test