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  • Make IRC send pings every so often - I want to know much sooner when a connection is dead. (Comms issue)
  • Use charset default in all places... [home] connect form, [accounts].
  • Fix channels so people with a ton of channels can see them all properly
  • URL following
  • http proxy finish
  • Twitter
  • Google maps geocoding mouseover
  • Start thinking about public logs per channel (opt-in). These should be available at /networks/ and from within the chat
  • Switch to yellow? = non mibbit, green icon = mibbit, blue=male, pink=female.
  • Start work on new [profile] system with a lot more data.
  • Password reminder system.
  • Finish work on tinyurl follower
  • Implement remotes (Scripting)
  • Implement more functions etc for scripting
  • Think about dcc send as an option in uploader...
  • Uploader multipart issue sometimes?
  • dcc download issues? test