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  • Password reminder system, and possibly password change in [account] tab.
  • Opera 8.* issue - not found doc?
  • Parse +b responses, include link to unban.
  • Continue cleanup of UI
  • Start on pastebin enhancements - syntax highlight, and line numbers
  • Fix log tab
    • log output sizes to the window
    • Shows a content relevent ad
    • Some color coding to make things more readable
  • Whois updates - secure connection, etc
  • Sound alerts
  • Finish custom smiley prefs - add/delete
  • Finish work on auto url minifier
  • Add option to open links in new tab *within* mibbit - useful for iphone/wii where multiple browser windows don't work well.
  • Make prefs only send *Diffs* from defaults.
  • Start on channel context options - Allow recent chat, etc
  • Further automate webirc config adding, and add wildcards.
  • Think more about Mibbit user->Mibbit user PMs. Is there any point going through the ircd?
  • Syntax highlighting etc on pastebin output.
  • More widgets/plugins for extraArea on the left, google maps? ustream? Network tools?