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== Recently done ==
== Recently done ==
* New test main client backend up at newchat.mibbit.com/chat
* New main client backend up at http://chat.mibbit.com/
== Other links ==
== Other links ==

Latest revision as of 22:34, 19 June 2010

Current TODO list

  • Decide if wbeuk can be merged onto wbeuk2, and if so do it. (Make sure direct connection for irc.mibbit.net).
  • Start getting networks to allow webirc from a new IP on new dedicated widget server - less traffic for us, lower latency
  • Finish user channel logging and test
  • Update logging UI to deal with channel logs
  • Style logging UI, integrate into the client
  • Finish remaining parts needed for simple XMPP support (DIGEST-MD5)
  • Reassess file upload system, consider moving to something other than db as intermediary
  • Recommission wbeuk as new DB server etc
  • Decide on continuing /list functionality, or moving to a completely separate bot based system, maybe outsourced

Recently done

Other links