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API | URI Parameters | Auto Connect

The Mibbit Widget Manager allows web masters to manage the settings (e.g., colours, layout, user menues etc) for their widget.

How To Use

In "Create your chat widget" choose your Username and Password etc and click "Create an account" or log in if you already had a widget account setup. Once logged in "My Account | Skins | Widget Settings | Preview my widget | Usage graphs" links, and "Logout" appear.

Settings / Navigation (if logged in)

Here you can manage your widget/account.

My Account

Two sections for editing:

  • Email Address and Website. These will be used in case of abuse.
  • Selection box for the kind of account (free or Premium).


Allows you to load example skins or import the basic settings from another account (colours and fonts, but not aliases etc).

Widget Settings

These are currently very similar to the "Prefs" of the main client. After making any changes hit "Save all changes". You don't need to reload the Manager. Reload your Widget window to check the effect of the changes.

Preview my widget

Select your Server and #Channel (room) and use the code provided in the "HTML Code" textarea to update your html code. A preview iframe for your "Widget Settings" is provided as well.

Usage graphs

Shows two examples of what the API allows.