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The Mibbit Widget Manager allows web masters to manage the settings (e.g., colors, layout, user menues etc) for their widget.

How To Use (Brief)

  1. Create a new widget account or log in if you already had a widget account setup. Once logged in, the home page will show an input form for your server and channel(s). Use the code provided in the "Home" tab to update your html code.Also "Account", "Prefs", and "Logout" appear.
  2. Set/edit your Prefs and hit "Save preferences"



Account has three settings. The two visible ones are Email Address and Website. These will be used in case of abuse. The third is through a blue link above the "Save and Close" button for changing the password. Clicking it opens an inline box for changing password. Remember, the password must be between 4 and 16 characters, and is for logging into the Manager (case sensitive).


These are currently very similar to the preferences of the main client. After making any changes hit "Save preferences". You don't need to reload the Manager. After some minutes reload your Widget window to check the effect of the changes.