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Mibbit Documentation

First of all, check out the FAQ

Mibbit is an online chat client, primarily supporting IRC. IRC is a long established protocol for online chat and messaging, with millions of users. Mibbit supports a variety of Platforms including the main PC browsers, and the iPhone.

To get up and running with Mibbit as soon as you can, try the QuickStartGuide. If you'd like to customize the client to your own liking, you can set your own Preferences.

Mibbit has several features found in desktop clients, as well as some unique features such as typing notify, away status, scroll back on channel join, and extended whois information.

You may connect to any IRC server you wish with Mibbit, but you should be aware that all Mibbit IRC connections come from the same IP address. Most IRC servers have a limit for the number of simultaneous connections per IP. We have negotiated increases in these limits with many servers, on which you should always be able to connect without issues. We also support the WEBIRC protocol with some servers which allows us to forward users hostnames on directly to the IRC server. This is desirable, as then glines, cloaks, bans all work as with a standard desktop client.

Mibbit is still under development, so if you do experience a bug, please report it.

If there are any features you'd like to see implemented, please feel free to add them to the WishList.

The Mibbit Blog is updated regularly whenever new features are added or bugs are resolved.


IRC Server Info



Community participation is crucial to the development of Mibbit. If you're interested in helping out around Mibbit then go ahead, this WIKI strives off user-input, so if you're the creative writing or documentation writer type of person then Register an Account and get WIKI'ing! There are numerous other ways that you can participate in the project, some suggestions are being in the IRC help channel and providing support to users joining. Alternatively, you could submit improvements, features and future ideas for Mibbit to the WishList.

Useful resources

IRC Help - An excellent resource for all things IRC

IRC News - A daily updated source of IRC news

Search IRC - A list of IRC servers and channels

Link to Mibbit

You can link to Mibbit, and have parameters filled in ready for the user to click connect.

* server=
* channel=
* nick=
* pass=


Please note the values need to be urlencoded eg # needs to be %23

How to open Mibbit in a popup or iframe through a link on your web site (or in a local .htm file).


View the Mibbit Development Blog here.

Popular IRC clients

We thought we would give you a head start if you're new to IRC and wish to use a IRC client. Below is a list of the most popular IRC clients for different platforms.

Once setup on your IRC client why not CreateYourOwnNickName or CreateYourOwnChannel?

Cross Platform Clients

  1. ChatZilla Firefox Add-on
  2. Pidgin Formerly known as Gaim
  3. [1] X-Chat has builds on all platforms, however they are not all downloaded from the same place and is listed separately under each section.

Windows Freeware Clients

  1. X-ChatX-Chat (Silverex builds are in line with official)
  2. HydraIRC (Beta Client)
  3. AYTTM (Are You Talking To Me) Multi-protocol Instant Messaging Client (also available for Linux/*BSD/Windows(NT/2000/XP))
  4. Trillian Basic version
  5. savIRC savIRC
  6. Vortec IRC (Beta Client)

Windows ShareWare/PayWare Clients

  1. mIRC Nagware - never stops working
  2. XChat Official builds
  3. Trillian Multi-protocol Instant Messaging Client (Pro Version is Payware)

Web Clients

  1. Mibbit
  2. CGI:IRC
  3. pjIRC
  4. WebChat 2.0
  5. phpFreeChat

Linux-Unix Clients

  1. irssi Command line IRC client
  2. BitchX Alternative command line irc client
  3. XChat
  4. AYTTM (Are You Talking To Me) Multi-protocol Instant Messaging Client (also available for Linux/*BSD/Windows(NT/2000/XP))

Mac OSX Clients

  1. Colloquy Graphical IRC and SILC client
  2. X-Chat Aqua X-Chat build for Mac OSX with Aqua instead of X11
  3. Conversation

Mobile Devices Clients

  1. WLIrc 1.x WireLess IRC client 1.x branch
  2. WLIrc 2.x WireLess IRC client 2.x branch (requires MIDP 2.0!)
  3. jmIrc Rewrite of WLIrc.
  4. Vircanot under active development; last update 2004
Windows Mobile
  1. zsIRC Free-ware IRC Client. Highly recommendable! Logging, supports multi-windowtabs, wide command range, identd (limited). Automatic On-connect and On-Join commands. SmartPhone + PocketPC!!
  2. wmIRC 2.x Pay-ware IRC Client. Highly recommendable! Logs, supports multi-windowtabs, wide command range, colours and SSL + identd (limited). SmartPhone + PocketPC!!
  3. SmartIRC.Net a (Free!) dotNet client for Windows Mobile. Good compatibility, stable, single window, startup commands supported. SmartPhone + PocketPC!!
  4. PocketIRC A (payware) PocketPC Only!!! Client
  5. PocketChat A (Free!) PocketPC Only!!! Client