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[[QuickStartGuide]] - An introduction to using mibbit.
[[QuickStartGuide]] - An introduction to using mibbit.
[[Platforms]] - What platforms we strive to support.
[[FeatureList]] - Our current feature list.
[[FeatureList]] - Our current feature list.

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Mibbit documentation

Welcome to Mibbit online web chat.

QuickStartGuide - An introduction to using mibbit.

Platforms - What platforms we strive to support.

FeatureList - Our current feature list.

Preferences - How to use the preferences, with some useful examples.

ServerList - What IRC servers can we connect to without clone issues.

BugList - Please add any bugs here.

WishList - What would you like?

Useful resources

irchelp.org - An excellent resource for all things IRC

Link to mibbit

You can link to mibbit, and have parameters filled in ready for the user to click connect.

* server=
* channel=
* nick=
* pass=

example: http://www.mibbit.com/?server=irc.freenode.net&nick=ChooseNick&channel=%23ardour,%23mibbit

Please note the values need to be urlencoded eg # needs to be %23

Embedded version

The embedded version, or widget version, enables you to include a webchat in your own site.