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There are a few different methods that may be used to find channels/rooms. Which one is best depends on your preference and the type of client you are using.

If you are using the Mibbit full-featured client or desktop client, as opposed to the Mibbit Widget, the following methods are applicable:

  • Look for the tab at the top that is labeled the name of the server you are connected to:
        Clicking the "Mibbit" tab (in case you are connected to the server
        lists all of the publicly-accessible channels on that server, in paginated form.
        You mayb also search the list by entering your desired keywords. 
        To list all channels on, browse to
        To list channels on, browse to
  • The command line version of the /list command is used as follows:
     /list [keyword1 [keyword2]] [-min <minimum_users>] [-max <maximum_users>]
     Where the keywords are evaluated as "WHERE topic (or #chan) contain keyword1 AND keyword2" etc (case insensitive), e.g.,
       /list tes mib
       results in:
          # #test (5) [+ntr]  #test Welcome to the Mibbit Test channel. This is for general testing...

       /list -min 10
          lists only channels with at least ten users

The Mibbit Widget can utilize only the following methods:<network_name>
  See above for usage instructions for these methods.

Note: It is not advisable to type only /list (without a keyword). The resulting list of channels can be so large that it may cause your browser to on larger networks.