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Direct Channel Linking

There are two methods for linking directly to an IRC Channel.

Direct to Main Client<channel_name (w/o "#")>&server=<server_address>


or (HTML for your web page):

<a href="" target="_new_win">open Web Chat</a>

See URI Parameters - Main Client for details.

Note: Doesn't work for users who are logged into a Mibbit account and have checked any "Auto connect" in "Channels".


This standard is actually used in links. For instance, the Mozilla developer wiki gives links that might be useful. For Mibbit, it is implemented by placing the URL<SERVER>&channel=<CHANNEL> in the address bar or placing IRC:// in as a link. It is simple in and of itself, and while there are other parts, they have yet to be used in a practical manner. If the person makes Mibbit their default IRC Client in Firefox, any IRC:// link on the web goes to Mibbit. The Chatzilla extension overwrites this unless the user changes specific about:config preferences, and other clients can open the links, if they support IRC:// links. Thus, the IRC:// method is preferred over others.

For Main Client users ready to use links are provided if you click "Menu" when you are in your channel tab. There is an entry "Link to channel".

(the third method,<channel_name>@<server_address> should not be used since it doesn't work for IE users)

Protocol Autoselect

Whenever you link to a web resource that is opened in Mibbit, you can omit the "http[s]:" from the URL. Mibbit will automatically re-add it as necessary. Note that this only happens when Mibbit deals with the URLs internally. If will not automatically add the protocol when you send a message through the server.

This is useful because it prevents browsers from complaining about mixed protocols when a resource is loaded over SSL and another resource is not, and for allowing you to use both http://(chat/widget) and https://(chat/widget)

Be default, the URLs for Sounds use protocol autoselect.