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It is possible to direct a person from a website to the Mibbit client, and have it automatically go to a certain channel on a certain server. There is currently two implementations of it. The first method implemented was the web handler version of IRC:// urls. The second, and much simpler method, is the channel@server method.


This standard is actually used in links. For instance, the Mozilla developer wiki gives links that might be useful. For Mibbit, it is implemented by placing the URL<SERVER>&channel=<CHANNEL> in the address bar or placing IRC:// in as a link. It is simple in and of itself, and while there are other parts, they have yet to be used in a non-testing manner. If the person makes Mibbit their default IRC Client in Firefox, any IRC:// link on the web goes to Mibbit. Chatzilla overwrites this without a few specific preferences, and other clients can be made to open the links, if they support IRC:// links. Thus, the IRC:// method is preferred over others.

Channel@Server Method

This method is not a standard. It is a convenience. To use, it is basically typing<channel>@<server> with the @server being optional. If No @server is given, the user will go to