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Kenneth has recently been replaced with a new version. This page lists the functions.


Kenneth is level-based. It determines the levels by looking at the channels it's in. Anyone with voice in these channels gets level 1. Halfop is level 2, op is level 3, admin is level 4 and owner of the channel gets level 5.

Calling the bot

Level 2 and higher can address the bot in a room. Others will need /msg, to prevent spam.

/msg syntax:

/msg Kenneth <command>

Channel syntax:

Kenneth, <command>

If <command> is not a command listed below, it will check for factoids, and reply with it.

Admin commands

Level 2+

  • setfact <name> = <value>

Creates/updates a factoid, with the name <name>, and the value <value>. The name can only contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _, -, ! and @, with a maximum length of 35 characters.

  • delete <name>

Deletes a factoid, with the name name

  • tell <user> <factoid>

Tells an user about <factoid>

Other levels

  • seen <user>

Returns when an user was last seen

  • find <word>

Returns all factoids that match <word>. Remember that this function returns a lot of results, do NOT do this in a public channel