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Kenneth has recently been replaced with a new version. This page lists the functions.


Kenneth is level-based. It determines the levels by looking at the channels it's in. Anyone with voice in these channels gets level 1. Halfop is level 2, op is level 3, admin is level 4 and owner of the channel gets level 5.

Calling the bot

Level 2 and higher can address the bot in a room. Others will need /msg, to prevent spam.

/msg syntax:

/msg Kenneth <command>

Channel syntax:

Kenneth, <command>

If <command> is not a command listed below, it will check for factoids, and reply with it.

Admin commands

Level 2+

  • setfact <name> = <value>

Creates/updates a factoid, with the name <name>, and the value <value>. The name can only contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _, -, ! and @, with a maximum length of 35 characters.

  • delete <name>

Deletes a factoid, with the name name

  • tell <user> <factoid>

Tells an user about <factoid>

Other levels

  • seen <user>

Returns when an user was last seen

  • find <word>

Returns all factoids that match <word>. Remember that this function returns a lot of results, do NOT do this in a public channel


Several languages are supported as translations of the "english" factoid.

Use the syntax "kenneth, english-XX".
AR Arabic
CN Chinese
CS Czech
DE German Deutsch
EL Greek
ES Spanish
FR French
HU Hungarian
MT Maltese
NL Dutch
PL Polish
PT Portuguese
RO Romanian
SR Serbian
RU Russian
SK Slovak
TH Thai
VI Vietnamese