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Kenneth is an IRC bot in the channels #help and #mibbit of The type of bot Kenneth is, is an infobot. When adding Factoids, please use a \ before the words you, your, seen, where, and forget. Don't start a factoid with forget.

Factoid List

Note: If you change them, please make a note here. Check the talk page.

Bot fun commands

  • botsnack is <reply> :) [This can't be changed]
  • hop is <action> hops.
  • 'irc is a multiplayer notebad.

Based On Nicks

  • Havvy is a false profit
  • joshhunt is a leigon on the cancer of life

Mibbit Client

  • autoconnect is <reply> howto enable autoconnect for the widget (on a per channel basis): # 1. do an /autoconnect on (only *once*) in \your channel as op or higher using a mibbit client (gets stored in a db) # 2. add &autoConnect=true to the widget's uri # 3. remove the old &forcePrompt=xxx from the uri
  • Mibbit is the IRC client you are on. If you have any questions about it, ask in #help
  • register is <reply> Registering to the Mibbit client is not the same thing as registering to an IRC Server.
  • nick is independent from the login name (but *can* be the same)
  • recovering password is impossible for, in spite of what is says.
  • dtd is <reply>*IE* needs: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""> as the first line of \your web page for an (iframed) widget to work properly!
  • dudes is <reply>green users are using a mibbit client, blue: old-fashioned clients (or mibbitians connected to a different server)

IRC Commands

IRC Channels & Servers

  • #mibbit is the general channel on this server. It is not a support channel. The support channel for the Mibbit client is in #help . This channel is not meant for learning a language.
  • #help is the support channel for the Mibbit client. The channel isn't for general support. The general channel of the server is #mibbit .
  • Quakenet is <reply> now has trust setup and connection should be fine. Please let us know if you have any issues.
  • TorrentTech is <reply> irc:// <-- just click - if their limit is reached you get: "Terminated .. (Too many connections from your IP)" then try again later.
  • #test is a channel for testing.


  • PM rule is <reply> A person may not PM another without asking them first, or being in good standing with them. Doing so will most probably result you in a ban.
  • spam is <reply> Do not spam other channels or websites unless you are trying to start a discussion about the channel or website.
  • 'where from is <reply> Don't ask people 'where they are from unless it relates to the conversation. Do not ask it to start a conversation with somebody either.

Wiki Articles


Possible Issues

  • Some words need to be escaped in factoids, and may be done with a "\". If you aren't sure which, escape them all. The following is a list of words that have to be escaped.
    • what
    • where
    • who
  • Do not use a colon left of the first 'is' of the factoid.