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Kenneth is an IRC bot in the channels #help and #mibbit of The type of bot Kenneth is, is an infobot.

Infobot List

Note: If you change them, please make a note here. Check the talk page.

  • Bot fun commands.
    • botsnack is <reply> :) [This can't be changed]
    • hop is <action> hops.
    • the issue with 'where is that "where" may not be used in an info piece, so, "'where" is being used.
  • Mibbit Client
    • Mibbit is the IRC client you are on. If you have any questions about it, ask in #help
    • register is <reply> Registering to the Mibbit client is not the same thing as registering to an IRC Server.
    • nick is independent from the login name (but *can* be the same)
  • IRC Commands
    • change nick is <reply> A person can change their nick with the command "/nick <wantedNick>"
    • register channel is <reply>
    • register nick is <reply> The syntax for registering your nick is /msg NickServ register <password> <email address>. For more information, check out
    • Join is a command to join a new channel. The syntax is "/join #channel"
    • bot is a service on this server. It helps with various things, but mainly for keeping a channel registered. Use the command "/bs help" or "/msg botserv help" for more information.
  • IRC Channels & Servers
    • #mibbit is the general channel on this server. It is not a support channel. The support channel for the Mibbit client is in #help . This channel is not meant for learning a language.
    • #help is the support channel for the Mibbit client. The channel isn't for general support. The general channel of the server is #mibbit .
    • Quakenet is known to have some issues. See To work around that, you can still try the old, but working IRC@Work: or google "CGI:IRC" login nickname server
    • #test is a channel for testing.
    • #chat, with locales.
      • #chat-es is <reply>#chat es para personas quien no habla ingles.
      • #chat-fr is <reply> #chat pour les personnes qui parlent français.
      • #chat-en is <reply> #chat for people who do not speak English....
      • #chat-de is <reply> #chat ist für Menschen, die nicht Englisch sprechen.
  • Rules
    • PM rule is <reply> A person may not PM another without asking them first, or being in good standing with them. Doing so will most probably result you in a ban.
    • spam is <reply> Do not spam other channels or websites unless you are trying to start a discussion about the channel or website.
    • 'where from is <reply> Don't ask people 'where they are from unless it relates to the conversation. Do not ask it to start a conversation with somebody either.
    • En-Only (English Only rule)
      • en-only-es is <reply> Este canal es inglés solamente.
      • en-only-de is <reply> Dit kanaal is slechts Engels.
  • Wiki Articles
  • Websites

Possible Issues

  • A person may not use "where" in the info messages, but can use "'where" to get around it.
  • Using colons will cut off anything to the left of it on the left of the 'is' part. Works on the right.