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* '''Havvy''' is a false profit
* '''Havvy''' is a false profit
* '''joshhunt''' is a leigon on the cancer of life
* '''joshhunt''' is a leigon on the cancer of life
* '''Hercule''' is one who gives support for the Mibbit client
* '''molkmin''' is an OP in #Mibbit and #Help
* '''kenneth is <action> is a bot
* '''Sindacious''' is just a troll
== Definitions ==
== Definitions ==

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Kenneth is an IRC bot in the channels #help and #mibbit of irc.mibbit.com. The type of bot Kenneth is, is an infobot. When adding Factoids, please use a \ before the words you, your, seen, where, who and forget. Don't start a factoid with forget. Don't use colons in the start of a factoid. The following is a list of known factoids.

Bot fun commands

  • botsnack is <reply> :) [This can't be changed]
  • hop is <action> hops.
  • 'irc is a multiplayer notebad.

Based On Nicks

  • Havvy is a false profit
  • joshhunt is a leigon on the cancer of life
  • Hercule is one who gives support for the Mibbit client
  • molkmin is an OP in #Mibbit and #Help
  • kenneth is <action> is a bot
  • Sindacious is just a troll


  • Mibbit is the IRC client you are on. If you have any questions about it, ask in #help
  • dudes is <reply>green users are using a mibbit client, blue: old-fashioned clients (or mibbitians connected to a different server)
  • bot is a service on this server. It helps with various things, but mainly for keeping a channel registered. Use the command "/bs help" or "/msg botserv help" for more information.

english is the required language of #mibbit. If you wish to speak in a different language, please find another channel or do so in private message.

  • recovering password is impossible for http://mibbit.com, in spite of what is says.
  • dtd is <reply>*IE* needs: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> as the first line of \your web page for an (iframed) widget to work properly!
  • register is <reply> Registering to the Mibbit client is not the same thing as registering to an IRC Server.
  • nick is independent from the login name (but *can* be the same)

How To

  • change nick is <reply> To change nickname, type: /nick newNickname
  • register nick is <reply> The syntax for registering your nick is /msg NickServ register <password> <email address>. For more information, check out http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Create_Your_Own_Nickname
  • Join is a command to join a new channel. The syntax is "/join #channel"



Servers and Channels

  • #mibbit is the general channel on this server. It is not a support channel. The support channel for the Mibbit client is in #help . This channel is not meant for learning a language.
  • #help is the support channel for the Mibbit client. The channel isn't for general support. The general channel of the server is #mibbit .
  • Quakenet is <reply> now has trust setup and connection should be fine. Please let us know if you have any issues.
  • TorrentTech is <reply> irc://irc.torrentech.org:+6697/torrentech <-- just click - if their limit is reached you get: "Terminated .. (Too many connections from your IP)" then try again later.
  • #test is a channel for testing.