Java Applet Helper

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What is it?

The Java Applet Helper allows you more options in connecting to networks. Some networks are not yet configured to allow the Mibbit servers to connect to them. Others choose to block web based clients from connecting. More and more networks are joining Mibbit every day, but in the meantime, there's another option.

How does it work?

When you select to use the Java Applet helper, a small Java Applet is loaded in your browser. You'll be prompted to allow it to operate. The Applet allows the Mibbit (main client only at the moment) to connect directly from your box to the network rather than from the Mibbit IPs (make sure that the IRC port is allowed by any firewalls etc).

The data is relayed back to Mibbit servers, to enable Mibbit features such as logging if you have it enabled, chatters/idlers, extended whois, parsing youtube videos to lookup metadata etc. as well as applying any of your preferences. Our usual privacy policy still applies.

The Java Applet is only used for your own IRC connections (When you select it), and no other traffic.

Potential issues?

Please be aware, that to use the Java Applet Helper, you must be able to connect out from your machine, to IRC networks, and be able to run Java Applets.